Sometimes, you just can’t compete with nature. 

While some fencing styles go in and out of fashion, wooden fences always remain a staple in Australian homes. 

At Jim’s Fencing, we install gorgeous timber fences on properties all around the nation. Take a look at some of our favourite wooden fence designs and give us a call if you have any questions. 

Get inspired by our wonderful wooden creations today. 

Our Favourite Wooden Fence Designs 

Contemporary Timber Pool Fence
We’ve featured this amazing fence more than once on our blog lately - we just can't get enough of it. Pictured above, this spotted-gum, random height pool fence was designed and installed by by Mel and Clinton Ford from Jim’s Fencing in Leopold. 

The client wanted a fence that would provide a pool safety barrier as well as a design feature for their yard. 

This fence is completely compliant with Australian pool fence standards. 

Seamless Gate Integration 

Timber fence panels don’t have to be installed vertically. This horizontal Merbau fence has a sliding gate that fits seamlessly together. This style of fence is ideal for maximum privacy without giving you the feeling of being boxed into your yard. 

wooden fence designs

The overlap of the gate and the fence give this design an interesting depth and a modern feel. 

Hybrid Timber Fencing 

Wooden fence designs don’t have to be limited to one material. When you combine different types of timber, it can have a really cool effect. You can a truly create an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind fence.

This hardwood paling fence with Merbau slats is one such fence. The combination of the different paling and slats is simply beautiful. The horizontal gate contrasts nicely and breaks up the vertical boundary line. 

wooden fence designs

Feature Fencing 

Our wood fence ideas for backyard spaces aren’t limited to boundary fencing. Wooden detailing can be used to create a feature wall in your backyard. Wooden feature fences can be part of your perimeter or attached to your existing fence for a special aesthetic value. 

wooden fence designs

This Jarrah feature (with pump house boxing) was installed in a pool area. It both blends and contrasts with the decking and gives the backyard a bright, fresh feel. The whole pool area feels private even though the thin Jarrah posts are light and unimposing. 

It’s another example of how the right fencing can add charm and character to your home.

Traditional Wooden Fencing 

Not all of our wooden fence designs feature exposed timber. You can paint it and sculpt it to create the fence of your dreams. Timber is such a malleable material - the options are endless. 

For example, take a look at this lovely paling fence design. The detailing on the posts and top of the fence give you an elegant advantage over a simple paling fence.  This type of fencing design really stands the test of time. 

You can find this style of fence as a feature in front of both modern and traditional homes. This is a great way to add value to your home while adding an eye-catching element to your whole property.

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