What is Chain Link Fence?

Chain link fence, also known as chain wire fence is one of the oldest and most reliable style of fences. At Jim’s Fencing, we install chain link fencing in both commercial and domestic properties all around Australia. 

What is chain link fence? 

There are actually a few names for chain link fence: chain wire fencing, wire netting, chain mesh fencing, and diamond mesh fencing. 

What is chain link fence made of? 

Our chain link fences are made from galvanised steel or coated PVC wire. The wires are bent and interlocked in a diamond pattern. A variety of parts are then used to assemble the fence, including metal posts, braces, tension bars, and caps. 

Chain wire fencing is popular because of it’s affordability and versatility. You can choose the height of your fence based on your needs – with heights available up to 4.2m. 

Common Applications 

What is chain link fence used for? There are a variety of applications this economical fencing solution is used for. You can find wire mesh fencing in the following areas: 

  • Security fencing – you can control access to your property with a tall wire fence. The height alone makes it very difficult to climb over, and it will be easy to spot trespassers with a fence that you can see through. 
  • Fences for gardens and farms 
  • Animal enclosures – you can get up close and personal with your animals whilst keeping them in their enclosure. You can feed animals through fences and keep an eye on them through your wire fence. 
  • School perimeter fencing – stop children wandering outside the school zone with a clear perimeter fence. 
  • Sporting applications – cricket grounds, tennis courts, racing tracks, netball courts, etc. Chain wire fences are great for sporting applications because they contain the action (and most stray balls) without greatly obstructing the view of the spectators. 
  • Public park fencing – an attractive and affordable solution to section off a park perimeter. 
  • Industrial and commercial boundary fencing

Advantages of Chain Wire Fencing 

At Jim’s Fencing, we are professional chain link fence suppliers. We only work with the best materials when we install fences for our clients. 

There are a number of benefits when you choose a chain wire fence. Take a look at these key advantages if you’re considering this fantastic fencing option. 

  • Flexible and fast installation – chain link fence installation is cost-effective. The process is not as labour intensive as other fencing styles. You can have a fence erected in little time for the fraction of the cost of another fence type. 
  • Low maintenance solution – galvanised fences are corrosion resistant, and if you choose a fence with PVC coating, it will be resistant to cracking, pealing, and impact from sporting equipment. The PVC coating is treated for UV resistance. 
  • Temporary or fixed solutions – chain wire fences are great for temporary use – they don’t take long to set up and they can be removed without too much trouble. Of course, permanent options are available if you want a sturdy fence that will stand the tests of time. 

Contact Jim’s Fencing Today 

What is chain link fence? Potentially your next project! 

If you want a quote for any of our fencing services, call now on 131 546. One of our installation experts will be able to answer your questions about chain link fencing. 


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