Waterfront Fencing Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to own a waterfront property, you can’t afford to ruin your view with the wrong fencing choice.

To help you narrow down your options, the Jim’s Fencing Gold Coast team have put together their favourite waterfront fencing ideas. 

Check our ideas and let us know if you have any questions – we’re the fencing experts you can rely on. 

Our Favourite Waterfront Fencing Ideas 

Your priorities might be different to your neighbour, and most clients want the following:

  • A full (or maximum) view of the water 
  • To provide a secure environment for children 
  • To increase the security of your property 
  • To add an element of design to the natural landscape 

Other factors that might influence your decision include budget and location.

Frameless Glass Fencing

We have waterfront fencing ideas for homes on the beach and in the bay. Here is one of our frameless glass fences at a waterfront property. This option is perfect for clients who prioritise both the view and safety. 

Glass fences can be stalled according to swimming pool barrier safety regulations to ensure children won’t be able to move beyond the perimeter of your yard unless accompanied by an adult.

The only downside to this fantastic solution is the lack of privacy. This is rarely an issue because a lot of waterfront properties face the coast. In a place like this, where there is water traffic, you might consider tinting your external windows to add privacy to your building without compromising your view. 

Tubular Picket Fencing 

Our coastal fencing ideas are tailored to suit coastal areas. This means that we have recommended materials that will be able to handle the environment. 

If your property is on the beach, salt spray will quickly cause damage to a wooden picket fence. Tubular picket fences are a cost-effective solution that is corrosion and rot resistant. 

Our tubular fences are made out of powder coated steel or aluminium that is rust resistant. We recommend short pickets that won’t obstruct your view. Talk to us about our range of coastal fencing ideas.

PVC Picket Fencing 

PVC vinyl fences are another great cost-effective solution for coastal homeowners. The plastic material is resistant to moisture which will stop rust and rotting. This option is not as resilient to corrosion as powder coated steel.

Custom Design Fences 

Our waterfront fencing ideas aren’t restricted to people who live on the beach. This spotted gum sleeper pool fence would look beautiful at a riverfront property. 

At Jim’s Fencing, we can custom design a fence that will tie in with the landscape. If you want a truly unique fence to compliment your amazing view, you’re in the right place. 

Simply contact us for a consultation – we can come to your property, talk through your priorities, and start to build the fence of your dreams. 

Contact Jim’s Fencing Today 

If you need more beach house fence ideas, get in touch with us today. 

We have fencing contractors based all around Australia – in coastal areas, near rivers, and lakes. No matter the nature of your waterfront property, we will design a solution for you. 

Call us now on 131 546 or fill in the online form for a free quote. 

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