Add a beautiful, natural timber fence to your property today. In our latest article, we’re talking about the different types of timber fencing to help you choose the best fence for your home. At Jim’s Fencing, we’re experts in timber fencing. Get in touch with us today for a chat about your fencing needs. 

Timber Paling Fencing Designs

Paling fencing is one of our most popular types of timber fencing. 

Home owners all around Australia choose paling fences for a number of reasons. They are: 

  • cost effective 
  • made from natural materials 
  • durable 
  • great for privacy 
  • customisable – can be painted, treated, varnished, and cut 

Standard paling fences are made out of treated pine. Each paling is attached to pine posts that are usually cemented into the ground. You can add some extra style to a standard design by having it lapped and/or capped. 

Lapped: a lapped paling fence has two layers of paling that overlap each other. This means that there aren’t any gaps in your fence. This is great for privacy and weather protection. It also makes your fence look nice and neat. 

Capped: A capped paling fence has a pine capping that runs along the top of the fence. It adds a finished look to any timber fence and can protect the top of your paling from weather and vandal damage. 

Some people choose to reinforce their timber fences with steel posts – this is up to the home owner. You can customise your paling fence with other features including a custom height, colour, timber, and shape.

Popular Timber Fence Styles 

There are a number of other popular types of timber fencing that will add charm to any space. Check out these great fencing styles and get in touch with us if you have any questions. Our team of fencing experts would be happy to answer your enquiry. 

Picket Fencing 

Picket fencing is perfect for traditional style homes. It’s really popular amongst people with weather board homes who want to match their exterior with a charming wooden fence. Picket fences are great for home owners with a green thumb – frame your beautiful front garden with an ornate picket fence. Our fences are treated so they are protected from rot and insects. Get all the benefits of an old fashioned fence without any old fashioned problem.





Slat Screen Fencing


If you’re looking for types of timber fencing that would complement a modern home, you should think about slat screen fencing. We can install a timber-look slat screen fence that has all the charm of timber, and all the durability of an aluminium fence.

Slat screen fences are made out of aluminium slats that are stacked horizontally. They are a fantastic option for privacy and contemporary design. Because of their aluminium material, they are typically more durable than timber fences and require less maintenance. If you’d prefer to have a slat screen fence with real timber slats, we can organise that too! At Jim’s Fencing, there are always a range of options – simply get in touch with us and we can talk you through our slat screen fencing designs. 

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