Getting a new fence? It should be fairly simple and easy.

You want the best fencing Perth has on offer.

By doing your homework, you can avoid a few problems before the first post hole is dug.
You might be asking yourself a number of questions, such as:

  • Who pays for the cost of the fence?
  • How high can the fence be?
  • Can the fence be brick, timber, metal or concrete?
  • Who covers the cost for the repairs of an existing fence?

Getting the right answers can save you valuable time and money.

There are different fencing regulations. It can be a confusing process but there are guidelines that make things easier to understand.


You may encounter the term a ‘sufficient fence’. It is the basic outline of what type of fence is appropriate for your area. Local government laws usually give a definition of what is a ‘sufficient fence’ along with guidelines of what you can and can’t do when it comes to fencing in your local area.

You can’t just build a 4 metre high fence in a mix of cement and metal sheeting, thinking it’s fine because it looks good and no-one can see in. There’s more to it and there are two sides to every fence.
How will a new fence affect you and your neighbours? How much shade will the fence produce, what is the fence line and what materials will the fence will be made of?

A ‘sufficient fence’ covers the basics of a standard fence in your area, including the height and materials. Building an elaborate and expensive fence could go well above what is a ‘sufficient fence’. This could mean you are ‘out of pocket’ for anything above what it would cost to build a simpler ‘sufficient fence’ like others in your neighbourhood.

There is another fencing term that may be confusing. A dividing fence. Here’s a simple explanation.

What is a dividing fence?

A dividing fence separates the land of different owners whether the fence is on the common boundary of adjoining lands or not.

There’s a list of different factors to consider when it comes to dividing fences. For example, a dividing fence does not include a retaining wall.

The WA government provides a handy guide that covers everything from ‘What is a Dividing Fence’ to Estimates for a Fence, Repairs, as well as answers to FAQs. It also includes useful links and contact numbers.

You can find a link to the guide HERE


The owner of the adjoining land is usually liable for half the cost of a new fence. There are a couple of exceptions such as a where there is a vacant block or local government is responsible for the land.
Where the land is used for public purposes such as roads and paths, then the government (or Crown) has control of that land. You will need to pay for the full cost of any dividing fence and the local laws on what is a ‘sufficient fence’ still apply.
It’s best to contact your local government on what type of fence is allowed in your area.


Giving notice is an important factor in sharing the cost of a new fence.

To claim half the cost of building a ‘sufficient fence’, it’s recommended to discuss the matter with your neighbour and to give your neighbour written notice that describes the proposed dividing fence including specifying the boundary line to be fenced, the materials to be used, costs and when payment is to be made.

To avoid unwanted disputes in the future, get the agreement confirmed in writing and have it signed by all parties. Always make sure you keep copies of all quotes, documents and receipts.
If you don’t know the name and address of the adjoining owner, you should be able to get details from the rates office of your local government.


Once you have an agreement on the new fence, there are a few things to look out for before you sign on with a fencing contractor. Do they offer:

  • Qualified Training
  • Knowledge and experience
  • A solid reputation
  • Understanding of local guidelines
  • Professional advice

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