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Tubular Fencing is made with aluminium or steel and provides excellent security around homes and public spaces. This particular kind of fencing gets its name from the tubular metal from which it is made. If you’re thinking about choosing a practical fencing solution that’s durable then Jim’s Fencing can provide you with the advice you need.Want to know more about how versatile tubular fencing is?

Here’s three problems that it can help solve!

1)      Damaged Gardens

Do you own pets that love digging up your beautiful garden? The time and money spent to replace your plants must be frustrating. Tubular fencing is made with hard wearing aluminium or steel and is an affordable way to keep your pets at bay whilst providing a full view of your beautiful garden. Jim’s Fencing can provide you with a consultation, advice and installation of your new tubular fence to protect your garden bed from playful and mischievous pets.

2)      Kid’s Safety

Let’s not forget the kids because their safety is important. With hazardous zones around the yard, such as a pool, playground or pet area, you might be interested in making these spots child-proof. Kids love to explore and hurt themselves when adults are busy around the home. A tubular fence is strong, durable, and can resolve these dilemmas by restricting hazardous zones around your yard. If there are areas around your property that need protection that’s sturdy and secure, Jim’s Fencing can introduce you to their range of aluminium and tubular steel fencing to protect your kids from dangerous situations. Aluminium and steel are strong and durable materials that are secure enough to survive a bit of rough and tumble.

3)      Corrosion & Rust

Do you live by the beach? Worried about your fence getting damaged by corrosion? No worries. Our tubular fencing, comes in a range of powder coated colours to protect your fencing from corrosion and rust. Our tubular fencing contractors will ensure your fencing is installed perfectly so it’s protected from the elements.

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Our tubular fencing offers:

  • A selection of style options
  • A range of powder coated colours
  • A choice of tubular steel fencing or aluminium

Materials for tubular steel fencing


  • durable, affordable and sustainable
  • can be recycled at the end of its lifespan
  • durable
  • lightweight material
  • corrosion resistant


Here’s what customers have to say about Jim’s Fencing:

“He was always on time, he was responsive, friendly, respectful and did a very highquality job.   He even expressed that he was not 100% happy with the job and wanted to come back to make some changes to improve his work.”

– Neil, WA

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Jim’s Fencing is a franchise business at Jim’s Group, that’s been servicing the Australian community for almost 30 years.  We are the largest fence installation company in the country. Our company believes in top-quality fencing that’s highly functional, long-lasting and looks great.

Our fully-trained franchisees aim for quality results and offer our customers the Jim’s Fencing 100% guarantee and our services include expert advice and installation for boundary fencing, noise reduction fencing, feature fencing and fences for housing estates.

Here at Jim’s Fencing, we’re tubular fencing specialists who take pride in our customer service.  We would be more than happy to provide you with a quote and consultation.

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