Picket fences are synonymous with a peaceful domestic life. The even spacing of the vertical pickets, attached to a horizontal rail says “everything is in proper order.” There is a peace and harmony about the simple design that always has a calming effect.

It’s no surprise that cricket ovals were surrounded by picket fences until the introduction of advertising boards in the 1980’s. 

The popularity continues to this day, with the online query of ‘picket fencing near me’ as one of the highest search phrases in all fencing.

A fence for Australia

Picket fences work their magic on a range of Australian homes. Brick fences have been popular but the cost can quickly become outrageous. Cheap picket fencing is the perfect alternative and brings with it a classic style that can’t be matched by other fencing.

A Californian bungalow, popular in Australia in the 1920’s, had timber floors, window frames and doors as a feature. A picket fence is an ideal choice here and can add extra charm and style by using contrasting colours to the home itself.

Australian homes of the 50’s and 60’s had a more experimental style. They often had an open plan style that was mixed with integrating with the surroundings. Generous sized windows invited more natural light in.

Picket fences work particularly well with homes from this era. It adds to the historic appeal, while adding value to the property itself.

Pickets make it picture perfect

A beautifully landscaped garden can be brought undone by the wrong fencing. An overly elaborate or a modern styled fence can distract and detract from the garden’s appeal.

Nothing else can match the charming frame that a picket fence brings to even the simplest of gardens or front yards. It is the surest way to showcase your garden and home.

If you have a new home in a heritage style, then picket fence brings it a well-loved look.

Your pick of materials

Gone are the days of picket fences being limited to the timber option.

These days, Jim’s Fencing brings you the best in cheap picket fencing in a range of materials.

From affordable and durable steel to lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminium, Jim’s Fencing has a choice that’s perfect for you. Of course, there is ‘greenhouse friendly’ timber and the low maintenance PVC fencing  which comes in a variety of powder coated shades AND a 50 year warranty.

Say goodbye to the old days of having to repaint every two or three years.

Picket fencing has become a low-maintenance option that offers more than a good look for your home, it also combines the best in traditional style while complementing your garden in the best possible way.

Your ticket for picket fencing success

With a lot of time and help, you could try and put up your own picket fence. It’s a painstaking exercise and definitely not for the faint-hearted. Or, you could enlist the help of the experts.

Jim’s Fencing have the experienced team with a wealth of professional advice to ensure you make the very best choice for your picket fence.

No need to search for ‘picket fencing near me’ because Jim’s Fencing is right here for you.

Pick of the picket fence installers

When it comes to finding the very best in cheap picket fencing, we’re the team to see. 

The Jim’s Group have been servicing Australian homes for almost 30 years. We believe in fencing that’s top-quality, functional, durable and affordable.

Your local Jim’s Fencing contractor is more than happy to give you an obligation free quote on your picket fencing. 

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