So, you’ve decided to invest in a Colorbond fence? With so many fantastic colours available, the next step is choosing what colour you’d like your fence to be. To help you make your decision, we’ve put together this little blog post about the most popular Colorbond fencing colours. 

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Colorbond Fencing Colours 

Colorbond colours are inspired by the Australian landscape. To help you choose the colour of your fence, Colorbond have a swatch devoted entirely to fencing colours on their website. Simply click the fencing tab and browse through each swatch to find out more information about the inspiration behind each colour. There are 14 different options for fences. 

colorbond fencing colours

The colour you choose is up to you. Whether you want something bold, or something that blends into the landscape or the materials of your home, there will be a colour for you. If you want to follow the lead of home owners around Australia, you might choose one of the most popular colours. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you might want to choose one of the less popular options. Whatever you choose, you will have a beautiful, durable fence around your home for years to come. 

The Most Popular Colours 

In our experience, the following four colours are frequently chosen by clients. This is just a rough guide to some of the most popular colours – not a definitive list. If you want hard statistics about the most popular Colorbond fencing colours, you’ll need to contact Colorbond directly and see if they have that information available. 

Woodland Grey®

“Inspired by the depth of cool green forest, the canopy of eucalyptus on a rugged mountain plateau, the twisted bark and deep, olive green leaves of tea tree along the coast, the mossy boulders and ferns found in mountain crevices.” 

Different shades of grey and charcoal are really on trend at the moment. It’s a great way to get a contemporary feel without clashing harshly with the natural landscape. Where black can be a little harsh, Woodland Grey® blends into its surroundings. 


“Inspired by the purple-grey hues of distant mountains, stormy skies and the natural beauty of our coastal regions, Ironstone® has captured a new mood for COLORBOND® steel colours.”

Another great alternative to black, Ironstone® has a deep intensity that you don’t get with Woodland Grey®. If you want your home to have a little more attitude, this colour might be the right choice for you. Ironstone is suitable for both regional houses as well as inner city homes who want to soften the harsh city landscape with a deep purple-grey fence. 


Out of all the Colorbond fencing colours, domain is probably the most popular. “The warm, luscious texture of Domain® lends a fresh, cool feel to any backyard. Neutral but with the softest hint of warmth, it works equally well as a stand-alone colour or as a defining tone to draw out the richness of heritage colours and darker materials.” 

Popular in rental homes and large estates, this neutral option is fantastic for homeowners who want to appeal to the masses. If you want your house and garden to draw attention, this subtle colour ensure your home will be the feature. 

Pale Eucalypt®

The name says it all, Pale Eucalypt® is quintessentially Australian. “Pale Eucalypt® is a favoured choice for Australian homes, reflecting the colour and grandeur of the Australian gum. Its gentle, muted hue is suggestive of tranquillity and beauty, and captures the essence of Australian flora.” 

Add a touch of nature to your home with a colour that is as Australian as they come. 

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