Thinking of getting a new fence? Make the most of modular fencing.

Timber, brick and metal fences all have their advantages in look and styling. The disadvantages can weigh heavily on your decision too.

Premature ageing and attacks by termites and rot can make timber fencing a tricky choice.

Brick fences can build to be a bigger problem than they’re worth. From budget blow-outs to council approvals and the overall cost might prove to be too high to get over.

The cheaper option of metal fences come with the issues of rusting, easy damage and have almost no noise reduction. Suddenly metal fencing doesn’t sound so good.

What the Best Modular fencing can mean to you

Modular fencing is the perfect middle ground of looking great, being strong, sound proofing, high security and  affordability.  

They can have the appearance of a rendered masonry wall. Often, they can be installed for roughly half the cost and a quarter of the installation time. That’s a huge plus!

The designs come in a range of contemporary styles to suit the look of your house and garden.

Making it with Modular

A fence can really make or break the look and feel of a yard. It can even detract from the look of the overall home. That can mean bringing down the value of a house instead of adding value.

Modular fencing makes all the difference. Whether it’s a back or front yard, a modular fence  has a list of advantages that build on the best things about your place.

Noise reduction sounds great

When it comes to noise reduction, you really can’t beat modular fencing.  

If you’re not convinced that modular fencing works in cutting down on noise and how much it can absorb sound, just take a look at the noise barriers along a freeway. 

That’s the best modular fencing doing its very best work. 

Your own acoustic fencing solution from Jim’s Fencing works much the same way. It reduces the noise of traffic and neighbours all while having fencing that looks great too!

When you’re searching for ‘modular fencing near me’, look no further. Jim’s Fencing has you covered in all the right ways.

Custom Styled and built

With help from the experts at Jim’s Fencing, you can have the best modular fencing purpose-built to create your own peaceful oasis, even solve drainage problems and keep out prying eyes. 

There are a range of heights and thicknesses to make sure your yard is truly your own.

A modular fence comes with a whole range of added benefits:

  • Versatile
  • Durable and affordable
  • Non-combustible (ideal for bushfire prone areas)
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Decorative designs available

It’s no wonder why Modular Fencing and wall systems are so popular. 

Modular fencing makes sense 

Noise reduction and cost reduction too? That’s the added benefit of modular fencing. It’s not as expensive as brick fencing and it cuts down on noise. It all makes modular a sound decision.

You can rely on Jim’s professional team to install fences that not only look great but stand the test of time. The quality fencing results can be seen throughout Australia.

Our expert team are highly trained and always available to find the right solution for you. 

When it comes to the best modular fencing, you can’t beat the Jim’s Fencing team.

No wonder we offer the 100% quality guarantee to ensure your stylish modular fencing has been installed professionally

Making Modular Mine

When it comes to finding ‘modular fencing near me’, we’re here for you. Your local Jim’s Fencing contractor will be more than happy to give you an obligation free quote. 

Get your modular fencing happening now. Call 131 546 today.