When you’re thinking of getting a new fence, talk to the specialists.

Jim’s Fencing is one of the most popular and reliable fencing contractors in Australia for a reason.

You can rely on Jim’s trusted team to install fences that look great and stand the test of time. No wonder you can see the great fencing results right across Australia.

You want an amazing fence. One that looks great and adds a stunning look and even adds value to your property. With Jim’s Fencing, we make that happen but not all fencing companies are the same.

Not all fencing contractors are specialists. Here’s a few things to look out for before you sign on.

What’s so special about a specialist?

There are a few people out there who claim to know fencing and will happily take your money.
Just think about it for a minute. If you had a heart problem, you wouldn’t just see your local GP. They would refer you to a heart specialist.

It’s the same with a computer system. Would you let a friend who’s ‘good with computers’ design and maintain your I.T. network? Probably not a great idea.

So why take chances when it comes to your fencing?

Check that the fencing work will be done by someone who is fully trained and certified to do the job. From in-depth knowledge and professional guidance on which materials to use, what design and legal permits are needed, a specialist can guide you through the whole process.

A happy end to a timber fencing story

What can a timber fencing specialist do that other fencers can’t?

Let’s start with what con go wrong with a timber fence.
You don’t have to look hard to find stories of where a fencing job has gone badly.

You might think you’re getting a timber fencing specialist because the company advertise as if they’re the best. The reality is a different story.

They might be quick to quote but slow with the follow up. Then, when the start date comes around, the materials all turn up but not the installer. It doesn’t take long for timber to warp or bow if it isn’t installed quickly.

Finally, the fence is put up but the alignment is wrong, they nail too close to the edge and split the wood and there’s a gaping hole under the fence because it’s been installed at the wrong height.

Unfortunately, these sorts of problems are not uncommon. You have a choice whether you fall into the same trap.

Get expert advice from a fully qualified and insured installer. For a true timber fencing specialist, talk to the team at Jim’s Fencing.

Why go with wire fencing?

Need to be safe and secure?

A cyclone wire fencing specialist can look after you in more ways than one.

Cyclone wire is a woven wire fabric made from galvanized steel or PVC coated steel wire. Ask a cyclone wire fencing specialist from Jim’s Fencing and cordon off any hazardous area in the work-place. It’s also one of the best options for securing your property against intruders and possible burglary.

Need to create a safe storage space for any outdoor items or equipment? Cyclone wire fencing is a trusted barrier that gives you peace of mind.

When it comes to finding a cyclone wire fencing specialist you can rely on, we’re here for you. Simply get in touch with your local Jim’s Fencing contractor for an obligation free quote.

Our professional team are highly trained and always ready to find the right solution for you.

It’s no wonder that Jim’s Fencing offer a 100% quality guarantee to ensure your new wire fence is professionally installed.

When it comes to quality fencing, you can’t go past the Jim’s Fencing team.

Whether it’s timber fencing, cyclone wire fencing, even noise reduction or feature fencing you’re after, talk to the true professionals first.

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