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Slat Screen Fencing





Want a good fence or a great fence?

Slat fencing gives you a low-maintenance fencing design that adds privacy and style to your home. Fence-off your place and create your own private space to your liking. You can even hide any unsightly areas around the home.

Jim’s Fencing brings you quality slat fencing in sturdy timber and solid aluminium, making it the top choice for any Australian home. It’s versatile and affordable. Perfect for anyone planning a home renovation because it gives you the same great look with multiple func-tions across your front and back yard!

Why is slat fencing so popular?

‘The look’ on a budget

Stylish and durable fencing doesn’t cost the earth. Put slat fencing on top of your list.

You can turn your place into the perfect space with the very latest in modern looks and styles. Picture beautiful shaded areas that highlight your garden, compliment your home while hiding any eyesores. It’s the perfect way to add a wonderful look while adding value to your home.

Jim’s Fencing offers you a great choice of full slat screen walls or slat screens mounted between brick or concrete piles. Get expert advice and a style to suit your taste and needs!

A winner for all seasons

Don’t let the weather beat you. The harsh Aussie sun, wild thunderstorms and blustering winds can do a lot of damage to your property. Protect your flower beds, vegie garden and outdoor area with quality slat fencing from Jim’s Fencing.

Give us a buzz today and get professional advice from the fully trained team you can rely on.

That’s Jim’s Fencing – the largest and most trusted fencing installation company in Australia.

No more eyesores

You spend all that time and effort to make your garden look a million dollars but it’s spoiled by an ugly air-con unit, old hot water service or wheelie bins. The solution is simple.

With help from Jim’s Fencing, you can hide any unsightly things with beautiful slat screen paneling. The ugly things are out of the way and your place looks out of sight!

Get a free quote today. Just fill in the online form and our team at Jim’s Fencing will take it from there!

Need a stylish fencing solution with lots to offer?

Slat fencing is:

  • Warp-proof
  • Strong & Durable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Available in a range of powder coats
  • Versatile (create your own leisure spaces and storage areas)


  • Recyclable
  • Provides natural insulation
  • Low combustion rate
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant


Here’s what customers have to say about Jim’s Fencing:

“I am the claims manager and always looking for fencing contractors. I have personally used Jim’s Fencing (Hillarys) and they are awesome and because of that experience I called the Jim’s Fencing call centre and was put in touch with Ian who provided equally as good service”

B. Young, Northern Perth

You can always trust Jim’s Fencing

The Jim’s Group franchisees have been servicing Aussie homes and businesses for over 20 years.

Jim’s Fencing is proud to offer top-quality fencing that’s durable, functional and attractive.

Our fully trained and mentored franchisees always aim for quality results. That’s why we can offer our customers the Jim’s Fencing 100% guarantee.

Love the sound of slat fencing for your home?

Jim’s Fencing gives you the very best in customer service. Ask about a free quote for slat fencing to-day!

Remember, we also supply and install electric gates. Just ask and we can include this in your fence installation cost.

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