To be, or not to be? Repair or replace fence? The choice of what to do about your fence can feel like life or death, but it doesn’t have to. 

Sometimes a good fence can be saved with a little bit of tender love and care. Other times, a complete fence replacement would actually be more cost effective. 

We’ve put together this handy guide to help you decide. Of course, you could just call your local Jim’s Fencing team for a repair or replacement quote. 

To repair or to replace? That is the question. 

There’s no way to know the right move for every fence, but we can cover some of the common problems we see with older fences. 


Wooden fences that haven’t been treated correctly can easily start to rot. Most commonly, you can see rot in its earliest stages at the base of your fence where the posts meet the ground. 

Should you repair or replace fence rot? As a general rule, if more than 1/4 of your fence is damaged, it would be more cost effective to replace it. 


Thankfully, most fences are treated to stop pests ruining your beautiful timber. If you have a fence that has been damaged by termites, the same rule of thumb applies. 

If you choose to repair, you will need to have it treated and inspected to make sure the termites are completely gone (this can be costly). 

Old Age 

Time gets everyone in the end – even your fence. 

Even though a bit of ageing can give your fence some charm, at a certain point, it will have had enough. If your fence is more than 20 years old and showing signs of damage, it is time for a replacement. 

Extreme Weather Conditions

If a tree has fallen on your fence, wind has blown it over, or fire has damaged it, the best thing to do is contact us. Again, if your fence is more than 1/4 damaged, you will probably need a replacement. We are experts in fence repair – if the situation seems beyond repair, you might be surprised by what we can do. 

Wobbly Posts & Loose Panels 

These are common problems and quite easy to fix. Just make sure you have a professional take care of it so you don’t have to keep throwing money and time at the same issue. 


Before you do any work, check if your fence is still in warranty. It could save you the complete cost of your fence repair or replacement. Colorbond fences have a 1o year warranty while other materials have a shorter warranty. 

Fence Maintenance 

If you look after your fence, you can save yourself the repair or replace fence crisis. Instead of having to fix a fence, all you need to do is maintain it. 

Staining and sealing wooden fences will add years to the life of your fence. You can protect it by removing harmful vines and keeping an eye on the foliage around your fence to make sure it isn’t doing any damage. 

Contact Jim’s Fencing Today 

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