Well what a great response, and great feedback we received from our Random Acts of Maintenance. Adam Harrington and Darren Morris started it all off with their repair to the first property in Mulgrave, removing the Gate, and welding it back in place, after it had fallen off its hinges. On Saturday, we had a small team, Justin, Matthew, Mark and myself pulled down the 60m of paling fence in Pascoe Vale and cleared the fence line, to make it easier. We had the Hayes girls on site to record the progress on film, but once they set-up the time lapse, they kept out of our way. Monday morning , and the site was mobbed by Jim’s Fencing Guys, 10 in total. Neil from Jim’s mowing turned up and cleared the vegetation off the fence line, and then Andy from Jim’s Diggers, dug all of our holes. There was some discussion entered into, in relation to the style of the fence to be built, but in the end, the Regional guys showed the Melbourne Guys, our style of fence, and we all worked together as a team, to get the fence completed, easily within the timeframe, and Julie, the Home Owner was thrilled with the end product. Julie, and her three boys, lost their husband/father to cancer 18 months ago. Jim’s Building Inspections, using Keith from the Block as their Ambassador, wanted to do the “Random Acts Of Maintenance”, for deserved families, and when they approached us as Jim’s Fencing, we were more than happy to do our bit. We supplied all materials, and co-ordinated all associated  Jim’s Trades, and the day went smoothly.