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Your gate is the first thing your guests see when they arrive at your home.

You’ll want to make sure it looks good, works well, and is installed correctly – does yours tick all the boxes?

If your gate is looking the worse for wear, it might be time to replace it. 

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We’re The #1 Choice For Gates in Brisbane

From automatic gates for the ultimate in comfort and convenience to classic side gates and entry gates, there’s a new gate to suit every home.

The talented  Jim’s Fencing team in Brisbane can install your choice of standard, automated or sliding gate to match your existing fence. We can even create a custom gate for your needs, including feature gates and custom sized gates made to order. 

With the combined knowledge and expertise of our franchisees behind us, Jim’s Fencing is the largest fencing installation company in Australia, but we still deliver that small-business customer service that leaves each of our clients satisfied.

We know what we do and we do it well, which is so people in Brisbane  trust us for their fence & gate installation needs. 

Interested in what a new gate could do for your home or business? Contact Jim’s Fencing for an obligation-free quote. 

The Perfect Gate For Your Brisbane Property

The entry point of your home or business sets the tone for every guest. You need a gate that’s functional, but also matches the style of your property and the existing fence.

Don’t settle for an awkward mismatch – we can help you find the perfect gate to fit your domestic or commercial fence. 

At Jim’s Fencing, we offer one of the largest ranges of gate material options. When you call Jim’s, you know we’ll have the right gate for your needs, including: 

  • Aluminium slat gates
  • Colorbond gates
  • PVC gates
  • Timber gates
  • Stainless steel gates
  • Galvanised tube gates
  • Emu wire & chain wire gates 


Striking the right first impression is important, and nothing makes a first impression like your front gate. The Jim’s Fencing team is committed to understanding your needs, ensuring that whatever you envision for your gate is exactly what we achieve. 

Does Your Gate Need Some Attention?


Types of Gate Options in Brisbane

When installing a new boundary fence, you’ll need to select a fencing style and your preferred material. The experienced team at Jim’s Fencing can help you determine what type of fence is best for your needs, with a range of colour and texture options available to suit your property.

Some of our most popular domestic & commercial boundary fencing styles in Brisbane include:

Automatic Gate Installation in Brisbane

Tired of braving the harsh sun of the Brisbane summer and the torrential downpour in the winter? You may want to consider an automatic gate!

Many modern automatic gates can also have solar panels installed directly to the motor, maximising both energy efficiency and aesthetics. 

learn more about automatic gates here.

Wire Gate Installation in Brisbane

Wire gates are seen all over Brisbane for two good reasons: they are very efficient at keeping kids safe and they are very budget-friendly. 

wire gates have a much wider range of applications, including heritage wire and emu wire gates. These feature gates are perfect for heritage homes in Brisbane and are effective at keeping pets secure.

Learn more about wire gates here.

Sliding Gate Installation in Brisbane

Sliding gates are heavy duty installations that offer security and privacy to both homes and commercial properties in Brisbane.

A sliding gate is quite complex, with a lot of moving parts that need to be fixed to the existing fence. For that reason, sliding gates always require expert installation. 

Learn more about sliding gates here.

Garden Gate Installation in Brisbane

If you have a garden, you need a garden gate – but it’s not all about function, either. You want it to keep pets and children safe in your yard, but also look as nice as your garden does.

Garden gates come in all shapes and sizes, and Jim’s Fencing has the perfect match for your home and fence. Garden gates can be made of any material, be it wood, metal or a combination of your choosing. 

Learn more about garden gates here


Side Gate Installation in Brisbane

Often overlooked, the side gate is an important and much-used part of any home. 

Most prefer their side gates to match their fence, so you’re not limited by the material when it comes to side gates. Wood, wire, Colorbond and more 

Learn more about side gates here

What to Consider When Choosing a New Gate

Picking your gate isn’t as simple as choosing a colour and size. There are so many external factors you might not have even considered – but at Jim’s Fencing Brisbane , we’re here to make things simpler. 

When you need some advice on the best gate for your Brisbane property, our friendly team are here to help. It may seem like the simplest solution to just replace your gate with a new, identical version – but you may be missing out on a better alternative.

Book an Obligation Free quote Today to make sure you make the right choice for your new gate.

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Why Trust Jim’s Fencing for you Gate Replacement & Installation in Brisbane?

If you need a new gate installed in Brisbane or even if you’re just considering a new style, why not give Jim’s Fencing a call? We have the knowledge, we have the experience and we have a friendly franchisee in your local area. 

There are many fencing contractors in Brisbane, but that doesn’t mean they all offer the same standard of work. Don’t risk an inexperienced team to install something you’ll use day in and day out.

When you choose a trusted name like Jim’s Fencing, you have peace of mind knowing you’ll receive the highest quality product and the best workmanship. 

Jim’s Fencing has been providing Australians with the best customer experience possible for over 28 years. Our fantastic franchisees in Brisbane always aim for exceptional results, and that’s why we offer our customers the Jim’s Fencing 100% quality guarantee.

You can’t go wrong when you rely on the professionals at Jim’s.

For an obligation free quote or to discuss any questions you may have, give us a call on 13 15 46

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