Sick of the neighbours popping their head over the fence for a sticky beak? Craving the privacy you and your family need to enjoy your lovely backyard? Take a look at our privacy fence ideas for backyard spaces. 

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Building a New Fence 

If you’re building a new fence for your yard, there are a number of privacy fence ideas for backyard spaces that we can recommend. Let’s start with a crowd favourite. 

Slat Screen Fencing 

This contemporary design can be installed in either timber or aluminium. The small gaps between each slat will shield you from your neighbours gaze. At the same time, the slat screen fence won’t make you feel to trapped or boxed in. Create a peaceful, personal space for your entire family to enjoy. 

Pailing Fencing 

A traditional, cost-effective option for your backyard space. If you’re looking for inexpensive privacy fence ideas, the pailing fence might be the choice for you. If you have a large backyard, you can secure your entire space with the privacy of a pailing fence. There won’t be a gap left in sight for anyone to peak through, and you can choose the height of your fence. Add a traditional timber touch to your personal oasis today. 

Colourbond Fencing 

Colourbond are renowned for having one of the best fence designs in the nation. The steal design means that you will have a solid wall of colour between you and your neighbours. The corrugated shape of the fence is acoustically designed to reduce noise pollution in your backyard. Aside from these added privacy benefits, Colourbond fences are exceptionally easy to maintain, thanks to their durability.

 privacy fence ideas for backyard

Try These Tips for Extra Privacy 

Now that you’ve read about our privacy fence ideas for backyard spaces, we have a few extra tips that can help you increase the intimacy of your exisiting space. Take a look at these inexpensive fencing ideas that will help you conceal your courtyard. 

Don’t Shrug at a Shrub

Want to regain stealth in your backyard space? After you’ve addressed your fence, fill your yard with foliage and shrubbery. Your plants aren’t limited by building codes – they can grow as high as they like. Your foliage will give you an added acoustic barrier and will give your backyard a cosy feel. If you want to block a birds-eye-view of your backyard (if your neighbours live in double story buildings). You might consider a canopy climbing plant or a pergola. 

 What about a water fountain? 

privacy fence ideas for backyard

In addition to your beautiful brand new fence, why not install a water feature in your yard? The sound of running water will create a tranquil sound proofing layer of white noise that will shield you from neighbouring noises such as traffic, parties, and pool cleaners. The higher your water has to fall, the more noise your fountain will create. Keep this in mind when selecting a feature.


We hope you found our privacy fence ideas for backyard spaces helpful. If you have any questions for our team, call us today or fill in the enquiry form online. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook to keep up with all our fencing advice.