An excellent solution for securing your livestock





Do you live on rural land and need a fence that does it all? Post and Wire fencing is an affordable and practical way to contain stock, create boundaries, contain pets and even ward off pesky pests that nibble on your crops and pose a threat to your farmland.

If you have a small acreage with animals to contain then this is the fencing solution for you.

Read on to find out why…

1)      Keep livestock safe

Ensuring your livestock can’t escape from your property is your number one priority. They could easily injure themselves or people and do damage to other properties. A post and wire fencing solution can help you with that. This solution is excellent for protecting cattle because the barbed wire acts as a strong deterrent, stopping them in their tracks.

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2)      Discourages trespassers

So, you’ve got your livestock protected. What about theft and vandalism? Post and wire fencing is especially suitable for keeping an acreage safe from such crimes. Our post and wire fencing with wire fence posts wards off would-be thieves and trespassers with its barbed wire edges. This is a great option for farmers who want to protect their business and property from potential loss.

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3)      Discourages pests

So, what if the pests were foxes and rabbits? Pesky creatures can do a lot of damage on your farm. They can cause damage to the environment and economy. They can potentially prey on livestock and graze on your pastures, crops and native plants. They also spread weeds! Save yourself time and money by investing in post and wire fencing.

Protect your crops and livelihood by calling Jim’s Fencing. We can install your post and wire fencing with wire fence posts quickly and easily!

Why choose post and wire fencing?

  • Protect livestock easily
  • Secure your property and assets
  • Contain pets
  • Ward off pests

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Neil, WA

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