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  Pools are positive features in Australian family homes, however, safety and protection are essential. Appropriate pool fencing is now a legislative requirement in Australia, and Jim’s Fencing can assist you in choosing a solution that not only satisfies legal requirements, but that also looks great around your pool and your home. Protect the children in your family from drowning, and enhance the visual appeal of your property. Talk to Jim’s Fencing about a pool safety inspection, and enjoy the benefits of having a pool at home this summer. To find out more call Jim’s Fencing on

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Upper middle class homes in Australia are adorned with a status symbol, the swimming pool in their garden. A swimming pool whist being a prestige issue serves much practical purposes, though maintaining one is a costly exercise. It is a very relaxing experience to sit beside it and take in the evening sun dipping on the horizon, after a strenuous day in office.

Be vigilant of children

The swimming pool can turn out to be a death trap if not protected adequately against any dangers occurring to the inmates or visitors alike. It is not humanly possible to be vigilant of children, especially the toddlers running around the garden in blissful ignorance of the dangers lying on their playful paths.

Pool fencing is important

It is our fervent duty to protect our children and we should keep no stone unturned to do everything possible with visionary application towards this end. If any untoward incident occurs it is us to be blamed and no one else.

Should be adequately protected

Having swimming pools without pool fencing is a very serious lapse on our part and we have to see that it is adequately protected, to safeguard our children as well as those who would come visiting us.

It is legislative requirement

There have been many deaths due to swimming pools not having pool fencing in the past, and now it is a statutory and legislative requirement to have swimming pools adequately protected and laws have been promulgated to enforce it.

Authorised and Guaranteed services.

An approval has to be obtained by the relevant authorities prior to and after you construct your swimming pool fencing. This is compulsory and not adhering to the laws dealing with pool fencing could put you in trouble with the authorities.

Match with the garden

Installing appropriate pool fencing is important and depending on the type of garden you own, your budgetary constraints and in keeping with the aesthetic ambience of your garden the choices are numerous.

Inspected pool security service

Whatever type of pool fencing you may choose the workmanship in constructing it should be par excellence. If not your pool fencing may not pass the legalized pool inspection by the authorities.

Use glass pool fencing

You could use glass pool fencing which is very advantageous in keeping a close eye on those using the pool especially if they are children frolicking around, in it. Glass pool fencing would give a clear vision around the area around the pool without any hindrance or obstructions, and whilst it would enhance the safety factor it would subtly create a sense of beauty, too.

The best suited solution for you

Jim’s fencing an integral part of the well known Jim’s Group with many years of experience in the fencing industry could guide you on the best suited pool fencing on your premises. We will provide a solution for your every whim and fancy, when it comes to pool fencing.

Privacy is another factor to consider

If your requirement is privacy we could provide you with an appropriate solution in pool fencing. We could suggest timber slats as pool fencing which would cover the pool completely and provide you with complete privacy from prying eyes.

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Along with an attractive gate to the area no one looking would even know that there is a pool in your garden unless they walk through the enclosure, into the pool area.

Jim's professional service men.

Whatever material you may choose as your pool fencing, professionals at Jim’s fencing will install it to the highest standards, as we use only quality material of international standards and provide top class workmanship. We will obtain the required certifications and approvals as we have been in this business long enough to know what the laid down laws are governing the installation of swimming pool fencing.

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