Pool Fence Regulations

If you’re thinking about installing a pool in your backyard, you need to make sure it is safe. In Australia, there are a number of pool fence regulations that all home owners need to adhere to. These swimming pool fence regulations are in place to make ensure your pool area is as safe as possible. 


According to the Swimming Pool and Spa Association Australia (SPASA), residents of NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, and the ACT are required to adhere to the Australian Standard AS1926.1 – 2012 – Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools. It should be noted that, under local legislation, there are variations in this standard. You can consult with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) for regional discrepancies. 

  • The Northern Territory operates under the AS1926.1 – 1993
  • Queensland has its own standard in place

AS 1926.1 – 2012 REQUIREMENTS

There are a number of pool fence safety requirements outlined by this Australian Standard. You will need to consult with your local council (or Jim’s Fencing) to make sure you have the right information for your area. The general requirements are as follows: 

  • a pool fence shall be not less than 1.2m high all the way around
  • a fence must have a Non Climbable Zone (NCZ) of 900mm on the outside of the pool fence all the way around – this means that any furniture, appliances, toys, plants, etc, cannot encroach on the NCZ 

If you fence is less than 1800mm in height, you need to adhere to the following NCZ regulations which can be found on the SPASA website. 

  • vertical gaps in the fence can be no more than 100mm
  • the gap at the bottom of the fence cab be no greater than 100mm 
  • if a pool fence has horizontal members they must be non-claimable 
  • pool gates must only swing outwards 
  • all gates must have a self-closing device 
  • all gates must have a latching device 


According to the AS 1926.1 – 2012, if your boundary fence is used as a part of your pool fence (or child-resistant barrier), it needs to be a minimum of 1800mm in height. The non-climbable zone will be measured from the inside of the fence and must be at least 900mm. 


In NSW and Queensland, pool safety and CPR signage are a legal requirement in your pool area. Whilst signage in a non-compulsory part of pool fence regulations in other states, we highly recommend putting the extra effort into your area. CPR signage can save lives in an emergency and the extra cost/effort is minimal. 


Want to discuss pool fence regulations for your area? Contact us today. Our team of installation experts have years of experience in pool fencing. We can set you up with a functional fencing solution that is safe for you and your family. We have a range of designs available that are compliant with Australian Standards. Call us now on 131 546 to organise your free quote. 


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