Paling Fencing – Natural Perfection

Paling Fence





Get a winning look that only wooden fences can bring.

The paling fence has always been a winner in home fencing. Created from timber, it naturally compliments any garden and natural bush environment. 

Timber fencing is the perfect frame when you picture your perfect garden.

The beauty is that you get a great look and privacy. Jim’s Fencing’s paling fences come in a range of heights to keep your home safe, private and pleasing to the eye.

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Paling is easy on the hip pocket

On a budget? Cheap timber fencing is a fantastic option. 

You get the affordable and winning look of timber fencing while adding a rustic style to your property.

Paling fencing is the perfect option. Paling is great for fencing-off larger properties in the most cost-effective and engaging way.

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A Paling Fence adds privacy 

Affordability is important, but what about your safety and privacy? A paling fence gives you both.

Constructed by placing palings  close together so there are no gaps or peep-holes, ensuring your home is safely out-of-sight from passers-by and nosey neighbours. 

Creating your own private space, safe from the outside world is easy with cheap timber fencing. With a range of heights available, you can choose your level of privacy.

Which height will best suit your home? 

Let the professionals look after you and contact the Jim’s Fencing team. 

With an installation from Jim’s Fencing, you’ll get the privacy you need, all backed by our 100% quality guarantee.

A natural look that blends into the environment

With your safety and privacy looked after, what about the design and style?

Just think how good a ‘natural look’ will suit your place? If you live in a natural or native bush area, you’ll love timber fencing.

A fencing solution that captures the tones and feel of your environment means your place will look like it truly belongs. It’s your own space in the perfect place.

With your choice of concrete, steel or timber posts, our paling fences come with the option of attractive lattice tops to finish-off the perfect natural look.

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A Paling Fence offers:

  • Privacy & Security
  • A budget-friendly fencing solution
  • A natural-look for bush environments
  • A range of paling heights to suit your property

Here’s what our customers have to say:

“John from Jim’s Fencing (Perth) was VERY professional, VERY courteous and VERY efficient … This is the best service we have had from a tradesperson in over 20 Years!!”

E. & J. Pope

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