We also have our own Jim’s Fencing National Conference coming up on the Sunshine Coast!
  • Franchisees 04-06 September 2015
  • Trainers 03-06 September 2015
  • Franchisors 02-06 September 2015
We have run Franchisees Conferences in our regions for the past 5 years and we find these a fantastic way  for us to get our Franchisees together to re-invigorate them about their business and what it means to be part of Jims Fencing. This year in line with our goal of making Jims Fencing one of the leading divisions within the Jims Group, we are taking the conference to a new level and  proposing the  Inaugural “Jims Fencing National Franchisee Conference”. The conference will include:
  • Supplier Demonstrations
  • New fencing products
  • Selling Skills
  • Motivational speakers
  • External presenter
And the benefits to new & current franchisees would be:
  • Learning & Sharing new ideas from the best in the business
  • Meeting Franchisees and Trainers from all over Australia
  • Social events (everybody knows that some of the best information is shared at the bar)!
And… the best thing about this is that you can take yourself – and or your family – on a holiday and have your business pay!!!!