So you have the perfect pool and now you need a perfect pool fence? Make your swimming area a backyard feature with a clear glass pool fence. You don’t have to be boxed in or obstruct your view of the pool. 

Is glass pool fencing safe? 

Even though a glass fence can look fragile, and a potential safety hazard, they are actually very safe. Thanks to fantastic manufacturers and strict Australian pool fencing standards, glass fences are the perfect solution for your pool safety needs. Find out more below. 

Shatterproof Glass Fencing 

At Jim’s Fencing, we are proud to provide premium quality pool fencing solutions to families across Australia. We work with reputable glass pool fencing suppliers to make sure the fences we install meet the current Australian pool safety standards. 

The type of glass used for pool fencing isn’t just regular glass: it’s shatterproof. This type of laminated safety glass is manufactured so that if it is struck with enough force to cause a crack (which is very hard to do), it will maintain its structure. If the fence is hit hard enough for part of it to break off, the glass will break off into cubes, rather than hazardous shards. 

Bonus Safety Features

Is glass pool fencing safe? Well, now you know that each fence is installed according to Australian standards, and is made out of shatterproof material that won’t cause cuts. There are, in fact, a couple of other advantages to our glass fences. 

Watch Out for Your Family

The best thing about a transparent fence is your ability to keep an eye on your pool area. Whilst there should always be adult supervision inside the pool fence, you can add a layer of safety with a clear view of the pool from wherever you are in the yard. Watch your family enjoy the pool with an unobstructed view of your loved ones. 

Clear Boundary Rules 

When we’re asked “is glass pool fencing safe?” we always answer yes. In fact, glass fences have a few advantages over traditional pool fences. Because of their smooth exterior, a glass fence is very difficult to climb. There’s nothing to hold on to and there are only very small gaps between the panels. Most glass fences are installed either in contact with or very close to the ground so pets and children would not be able to enter your pool area through a gap underneath the fence. 

Contemporary Design 

Is glass pool fencing safe? Yes! But there’s more to this style of fence than just safety features. You can add a touch of class and contemporary design to your pool. 

Traditional tubular or picket fences are attractive, but they can make your yard look smaller when you box your pool in. With a clear fence, you can make a statement and open up the layout of your yard. 

Glass fences can be integrated into existing structures and boundary fences (as long as they meet Australian pool fencing standards). If you have any questions about our design options, contact us today for a consultation. 

If you are concerned about the safety status of your pool area, you can ask one of our team members to conduct a pool safety inspection. We will let you know if your fence meets the strict Australian standards you are required to adhere to. 

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