Have you decided to build brand new paling fencing around your property? Whether you’re investing in a new fence, doing some maintenance, or if you’re just after a fresh look for your fence – we have some tips for you.  Check out the rest of our blog to find out which paling fence paint colours are right for you. While you’re here, be sure to check out the rest of our website for more fencing advice and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

A Feature Fence 

Is your fence an attention seeker? When you’re choosing paling fence paint colours, you can make your fence a feature in your garden by selecting a colour that makes it stand out. If you stick to bold colours with earthy tones, you can have an attention seeking fence that still looks good in your garden. Consider the following options:
  • Red berry / red outback dust 
  • Olive green / moss green 
  • Navy blue 

Feature your Foliage 

If you want the hero of your backyard to be your garden, choose a fence colour scheme that will compliment your plants. You should avoid green colours or any colour matches the colour of your foliage. Stick to dark, contrasting colours that will make the colour of your garden pop. Consider the following options: 
  • Charcoal 
  • Black 
  • Dark blue 
  • Dark brown 
  • Deep mauve 

Neighbourly Advice

If you’re sharing a boundary fence with a neighbour, the best colour to paint fences is one that you agree on. Even if you’re only painting one side of the fence, it always helps to collaborate with your next door neighbours when you’re sharing a fence. This way, if they like the colour they may decide to paint their side too. If you’re on the same page with your neighbours it will be easier to maintain your fence in the future.

Making a Choice 

Here are a few more essential tips you can consider when choosing the right paling fence paint colours for your property:
  • Consult with a professional – when you ask our team to work on your paling fence, we can help you choose a colour that looks great. We have years of experience in constructing beautiful fences – why not take advantage of our expertise? 
  • Do a sample swatch on your fence – choose a couple of colours that you like, do a sample section, let it dry, and see what you think. 
  • Remember that paint colours look different when they are outdoors with the sunlight reflected on them, 
  • Light colours can make your backyard appear smaller as the fences become more visually dominant.
  • Choose a high quality paint that is made for outdoor use. 

Consider a Stain

Not convinced that these popular fence colours are the right choice for you? Have you considered a simple varnish for your paling fence? Timber fences look fantastic after staining and there are a range of different colours you can choose. It’s a great option if you want to conserve the beautiful natural timber that your fence is made out of and make it a feature of your property.

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