A classic fencing solution for a quaint village home

Heritage Woven Wire





Need a sturdy and traditional fence with a classic look?

Then Heritage Woven Wire fencing is for you!

Manufactured in Australia for over 100 years, it’s the perfect option for federation style homes.

This stunning fencing solution gives your home a tasteful styling and comes in a variety of powder coating federation colours.

Add value and charm to your heritage style home with Heritage Woven Wire fencing!

Stand Out from the crowd

Heritage fencing offers a range of options and styles so your home is a real stand out but doesn’t cost you the earth. It’s easy to maintain and easy to add value to your home.

Match your federation home look

You bought your heritage home for the classic style, so get a gorgeous fence to match.

With Heritage Woven Wire fencing, you can bring back the full glory of your classic home.

Replace that worn or tired old fence

Is your fence getting ugly, run-down or rotting away? Replace it today and upgrade your front yard with stylish fencing that showcases your garden, landscaping and your home.

Don’t wait for your fence to get any worse? Contact Jim’s Fencing now!

The heritage-style woven wire fence not only gives your home a charming look but offers a strong and durable fencing option. Choose the sturdy and stunning heritage Woven Wire fencing for your home today!

Get Heritage Woven Wire Fencing from the experts at Jim’s Fencing’s. You’ve worked hard on weeding, pruning and getting your garden to bloom but it’s all brought undone by a shabby looking fence. Show off your home and garden with a classic looking fence. Ask Jim’s Fencing about a free quote and Heritage Woven Wire fencing prices.

Heritage Wire Fencing offers:

  • Strong material
  • Powder coating in a choice of federation colours
  • Perfect option to showcase your garden or landscape
  • Adds class and value to your home
  • A durable fencing solution with delicate ambience
  • A perfect option for heritage and stylish new homes alike


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E. & J. Pope

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Remember, we also supply and install electric gates. Just ask and we can include this in your fence installation cost.

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