A robust fencing solution: offering privacy and a contemporary feel

Hebel Modular Fencing





Want the stunning look that brick fences create but with a contemporary feel? Hebel modular fencing is an affordable, modern alternative to the traditional brick fence.
Available in a range of colours, it can be easily adapted to include special decorative features. No wonder Hebel modular fencing is one of the most popular fences going around.

Hebel Modular fencing can be finished with an impressive stone-like look and be painted or rendered to suit your personal taste and style.

The experts at Jim’s Fencing can assemble your Hebel modular fencing in no time at all. It’s easy to install without any need for excavation or strip footing.

Durable, affordable and non-combustible, it’s the perfect way to reduce noise. Sounds perfect! Hebel modular fencing has even more to offer!

1)      Affordable privacy, peace and quiet

Living in a busy area? Put a stop to prying eyes and noisy traffic and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet with real peace of mind.

Hebel Modular fencing is your affordable way to create privacy. Its ample height and its reflective noise barrier give your place the quiet and calm you need. Hebel sound barriers consist of a highly effective acoustic wall system that significantly reduces noise levels.

To find out more about how your Hebel Modular Fencing can do wonders for you, contact Jim’s Fencing for expert advice and quality service.

2)      Great for Bushfire prone zones

Are you living in a bushfire area? You need a fencing solution that protects your family and home. Jim’s Fencing offers valuable expertise and advice when it comes to the benefits of Hebel Modular fencing. It features non-combustible panels and special steel posts so it can stand up to extreme heat.

3)      Hebel Fencing is Corrosion resistant

Live near a beach or is your home in a flood prone area? Choosing a fence made with the right materials to prevent damage should be at the top of your list. You’ll need a solution that’s sturdy enough to survive the elements and is water resistant. Jim’s Fencing has the answer with the Hebel Modular system and a Hebel Anti-Corrosion paint!

Protect your privacy and lifestyle

Hebel Modular Fencing has so much to offer:

  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Noise reduction
  • Non-combustible & water penetration resistant
  • Available in a great range of colours


Here’s what customers have to say about Jim’s Fencing:

“Jim’s Fencing (Perth) was VERY professional, VERY courteous and VERY efficient… This is the best service we have had from a tradesperson in over 20 Years!!” 

E. & J. Pope, W.A

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