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In May, Brisbane times reported on a Clark Rubber pool fence that was recalled first in Queensland, and then nation-wide. 

Minister for Housing and Public Works Mick de Brenni said that “It has failed the relevant Australian Standard for pool safety, it has failed to meet the standard required by Queensland’s non-conforming building product legislation, and it’s simply failed community standards.”

If you have installed this pool fence in your backyard, please return it for a full refund and contact our team for a safe replacement fence. At Jim’s Fencing, we only install pool fences that are compliant with Australian standards. Safety is our first priority when working with pool fences. 

According to Minister de Brenni, there were gaps in the fence and the gate was not self latching. 

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Did you know that Queensland has a tribunal court that can help settle disputes between neighbours about fencing? Thanks to this informative article about fencing news from the Brisbane times, you can get a bit more legal information about disagreements between neighbours about fencing. 

At Jim’s Fencing, we recommend that you try to have a friendly chat with your neighbours. If you can, sit down with a cup of tea and figure out what works for both parties. If that doesn’t work, you may have to escalate through legal avenues.


In more fencing and landscaping news, Brisbane City Council has released new technology to stop feral deer from entering traffic and causing hundreds of potential accidents on Brisbane roads. The technology is a new type of virtual fencing that stops deer from approaching by emitting a high pitched signal. 

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