Your Fencing Installers in Bathurst

At Jim’s Fencing we’re proud to serve local communities across Australia. Local fencing installers Bathurst are no stranger to offering this service and they enjoy discussing home project ideas, too! Well-trained with the techniques and know-how of building quality fences, they’re set to ensure your satisfaction from consultation through to installation. Our team of fencing installers Bathurst are a part of a wider community at Jim’s Fencing with over 20 years’ experience.

So, what do you get by choosing Jim’s Fencing?

From the initial consultation to installation, we do our best to assist our customers. By entrusting us with your brand-new fence installation, we provide you with the 100% Jim’s Fencing satisfaction guarantee!

Additionally, Jim’s Fencing have a wide range of fencing styles and services on offer. From fence painting to various installations and repairs, we have you covered.

Local fencing installers Bathurst provides:

  • Modular/Garden Wall Fence
  • Pool Fence Minor Repairs
  • Fence Painting
  • Installation of Colorbond
  • Installation of Pool Gate
  • Laser cut screens
  • Installation and repair of PVC Gates
    & much more…

Fencing solutions in Bathurst and beyond…

From Bathurst and beyond we can deliver a fencing solution that’s tailored to your needs. We enjoy installing fantastic fencing solutions that will maximise the value of your home. So, give us a call. Once we’ve established which suburb you live in, one of our friendly experts will be in touch to chat about your needs.

When planning your fence installation, we’ll provide you with a decent estimation of the time that’s required to complete the job nicely. Every project is different so each installation will vary from customer to customer. Offering that level of transparency is something we take pride in. Feel free to express your needs and concerns to us so you can get the most out of our service.

Whether you live in Bathurst or surrounding suburbs such as Mitchell and Windradyne we can refer you to one of our trusty fencing experts Patrick. Patrick has been servicing Bath-urst, Mitchell, Windradyne, Gormans Hill, Kelso and Laffing Waters for over 6 years. Patrick, along with all our fencing experts is well trained and mentored to offer you the very best in service.

The Best Fencing Installers in Bathurst

While we pride ourselves in paying special attention to our clients’ needs, we constantly strive to improve the services we offer. We aim to be the very best fencing installers in Bathurst, which is why we value your feedback so much. We are always happy to listen to your needs and improve our services, so feel free to contact us and let us know your thoughts!

Where to From Here?

Our fencing installers Bathurst team would be delighted to meet you for a consultation. We encourage you to gather your ideas and come prepared with all your fencing requirements. We are keen to get your project up and running, so get in touch today!