Fencetech 2017 was in San Antonio Texas, and as they say everything is bigger and better in Texas.

There were four of us Jim’s Fencing Aussies, Adam, Quinton, Alan and myself. We spent the first couple of days in a classroom setting, learning how the Americans run their businesses, and got some inspiration from their presenters.

They face many of the same issues that we do, but they don’t build their fences on the property boundary, they build it an inch inside, and then they don’t need to discuss or get an agreement from their neighbour.

Friday afternoon was when they opened the Grand Hall, and let us in to see the fences. It took us all weekend to see all of the stands, and touch and feel everything that was on display.

As expected there was a big focus on PVC fencing, they had all of the types and styles that we have here in Australia. The big trick we needed to be aware of, was the fact that they aren’t made to the levels of UV that we require.

There were many other types of fencing, chain mesh is the residential fence of choice, and they had a lot of different types as well as tools to install and tension.

We spoke to a lot of suppliers, and asked a lot of questions. One big thing that did come out of the show was a way of better qualifying leads that we are working on trialling… more on that as we get the results.

On Friday night, we caught up with the guys from D & D Technology, for their Suppliers and Special Guest party. It was a great night out, they had their own band playing, (although they were a little loud for us older guys), but it was held at a brewery, so we couldn’t complain too much. 😉

It was a great experience, and it was all work, 🙂 so the business could pay for it. It was good to see how others operate and tackle the same sorts of issues that we face in our businesses.

Next Year’s Fencetech is in Phoenix, Arizona. Who wants to come?

Darren Hayes
Divisional Franchisor
Australia & New Zealand