FAQs How is a Jim’s Fencing fence different?

At Jim’s Fencing, we don’t believe in working down to a price. Instead, we believe in working up to a standard. You can expect the highest quality workmanship and advice about the latest fencing materials. We take pride in the construction of your fence, we understand that it is an investment that will last for many years to come. Jim’s Fencing are proud of our reputation and our team undergoes rigid training to ensure our high standards are always met.

What is different about using Jim’s Fencing contractor?

The person you first talk to and organise the building of your fence with is the same person that will actually be building the fence, as well as the owner of a locally owned family business. They are professional fencing contractors who don’t dabble in any other service and who undertake regular training on the latest in the fencing industry. Jim’s Fencing do not use third party contractors or subcontractors getting paid by the metre, as these can often impact the quality. All Jim’s Fencing franchisees have extensive insurance and have undertaken a Police Check to give you peace of mind in looking after your valuables and your family.

What can I do if I am not 100% satisfied?

The entire Jim’s Group offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If during or after the fence construction you are not happy, firstly speak to the franchisee as there may be a structural reason that he has built it that way. However if you are not satisfied with their response, all franchisees have a Regional Franchisor that has a vested interest in promoting and protecting the Jim’s Fencing name and will discuss your concerns, conducting an inspection if necessary. Ultimately any serious concerns can even be elevated to Jim himself, who values client satisfaction above all else.

I’ve had other fencers not even turn up for a quote! How do I know Jim’s will be different?

Jim’s pride ourselves on customer service, and part of the Jim’s system is a requirement to call all clients back and to turn up on time to do the quote. In most cases franchisees far surpass these guidelines. Jim’s have a process to make sure that phone calls are prompt and visits are on time, or that you are advised well in advance. We all get busy, but at Jim’s we value your custom, and want you to be happy with all of your interactions with Jim’s Fencing. Contact us or book your quote.

Why might my Jim’s Fencing quote be more?

A fence is an important and often substantial investment that offers security and privacy, as well as affecting the look and resale value of your property. Taking a shortcut on the initial quality will only cost you more time and money down the road. This is why we only provide price quotes once we go to your site to fully understand both the property and project. A Jim’s fence is built to last and save you many more repairs and replacements in the future.

I need to pull down my old fence first, can you help and how do I get rid of it?

We can quote and organise to do this for you, we actually prefer to pull the old fence down ourselves as we then we know that all of the old posts have been properly removed and we have a clear run to construct the new fence.

How is it best to involve my neighbour?

Your first step is to discuss with your neighbour that it is time to renew the fence, so that it doesn’t come as a surprise when you present them with quotes and an expectation of paying for half. If you can’t agree on a fence type or style, let us know and we can arrange to meet with both of you on site to discuss your fencing requirements.