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Our Residential Fencing Options 

At Jim’s Fencing, we offer a range of styles to our clients all around Australia. This includes Colourbond, chain-wire, modular, HardiFence, heritage woven wire, paling, pickets, glass, timber, slat screen, tubular,  PVC fencing and more. 

Choosing the right fence depends on a number of factors. What kind of environment do you live in? What style of home do you own? What is your budget? What is your preferred material? If you have the answers to these questions, browse through our website. Each fencing style has been evaluated based on different buying factors to help you narrow down your choice. 

Some of the best fence designs have stood the test of time. Traditional fences, like wooden paling, pickets, and woven wire fences are still very popular. These cost-effective options will add charm and value to your property. This type of design is still very easy to customise when you work with professional contractors. 

Keeping Pests Out 

There are a number of residential fencing options that we can recommend for your home. If snakes and feral animals are an issue in your area, we would recommend the safety of a Colourbond fence, a HardiFence or a paling fence. With these options, we can make sure pests are kept out. We can set your fence deep into the ground to stop any unwanted guests from burrowing in (or out) of your yard. It’s an added comfort to know that all of our wooden fences are treated to stop termites. 

Privacy is Paramount 

If privacy is your number one priority, the traditional picket fence is probably not the best option. We would recommend going for a fence with a good height and no gaps for nosy neighbours. A great choice would be a paling fence or a Colorbond fence. If you want to combine privacy with modern style, the slat screen fence or modular design could suit your home. Check out our privacy fence ideas for backyard spaces here. If you want Security more than Privacy, then a tubular fence with pointed / spiked tops will deter intruders from climbing over the top. 

Modern Home Fence Design 

Do you have a contemporary style home? Do you want a fence that will match? We have a number of residential fencing options available for clients who are after a special modern look. Slat screen fences are modern and simple. They are a clever modern take on the plain paling fence and are made from durable, weather proof materials such as PVC and aluminium with  a wide range of styles and colours offering great flexibility. Choose a modern design that will compliment your building for years to come. Modular fences bring an element of class and a contemporary style to your home. This beautiful fencing can even add value to your place. 

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