Double Gate Re-aligning

Double Gate 1 After years of use, or then again no use, gates will sometime move for some reason or another, this can make them very hard to open and can even damage your gates further. Here we have a few steps that can be used to adjust your gates and get them working as the were designed. Tools needed:
    • Drill with tech bit.
    • Brick or other material handy for propping.
    • Angle grinder may be needed + safety gear to go with it, glasses and ear muffs.
Double Gate 2 On these particular gates there is not enough play to adjust the gate with its hinges so we are using the wing panel next to the gate which is attached to the house to adjust the gap. Double Gate 3 Un screw the top rail at both ends and if possible, push the rail hard into the post against the house. We are looking to gain approx. 25mm of clearance between the gate post and the top rail. (If the rail was already hard agaist the wall you may need to cut the rail to get your 25mm gap). Double Gate 4 See the gap above. Double Gate 5 Now you need to lift the bottom of the gate and support it with an object that will support its weight. I have used a brick, wood blocks would also work well. Once you have lifted the gate to close the gap you have just created, screw the top rail back in place. Double Gate 6 Now I have a gap between the 2 gates, but also have gates at different levels, so we must now lift the other gate to match the one we just adjusted. Double Gate 7 Unscrew the hinges from the lower gate (leaving the hinges attached to the post). You may need some help to hold the gate. Also before unscrewing the gate put your propping material underneath the gate for support. When you have unscrewed the gate get a smaller block to put on top of your prop to raise the gate straight up to the desired height and now reattach your hinges. Double Gate 8 Check that your latch is lined up and secure. Double Gate 9 Job done.  If this type of work is something you enjoy, have you considered looking into running your own Jim's Fencing franchise.  We are turning away thousands of leads a year and need franchisees throughout Australia.  Click to find out more or call us on

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