There’s more than one way to install a Colorbond fence. In fact, our fencing experts have developed a number of Colorbond fence styles and designs you can choose from. 

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Our Favourite Colorbond Fence Styles 

This beautiful hybrid timber & Colorbond steel fence was installed by Nick Jones, Jim’s Fencing Torquay.

colorbond fence styles

It was a massive job – standing 1.95m high and stepped with the ground across 95m. This client wanted a tall, hybrid fence to block out the noise from the highway, while at the same time being a unique and beautiful looking fence.

Hybrid fences are great option for clients who want to add a natural touch to a steel fence. You can soften the look of your fence with these Cypress posts that blend with the natural landscape. 

This client opted for a Colorbond steel in Monument. It is one of the most popular Colorbond fencing colours.

colorbond fencing styles

Our Colorbond fence styles are custom designed and built by our talented franchisees. This contemporary fence was created by Mel & Clinton Ford from Jim’s Fencing Leopold. 

It features Colorbond Steel by Lysaght with Ekodeck Slats & Railway Sleeper posts on a sloped site, which is designed to match the cladding of the house.

If you want a unique fence that will stand the tests of time, a custom Colorbond fence is the right choice for you. You’ll get all the benefits of a steel fence plus the added appeal of a distinct design.

colorbond fence styles

This gorgeous fence is made from cypress pine posts, treated pine plinth, and Merbau top rails with Colorbond steel corrugated sheets. It was installed by Jim’s Fencing West Wodonga. The corrugated sheets give this fence a rustic look that compliments the Australian landscape. Corrugated steel and pine posts are a winning combination that can withstand our varied Australian weather conditions. 

 colorbond fence stylesIf you want privacy in your pool area, we have a number of Colorbond fence styles to choose from. 

We can connect your boundary fence with a glass pool fence for a hybrid structure that will be truly unique to your backyard. 

For extra security, we can add height to the bottom or top of your fence. Adding timber at the bottom of the fence will blend it in with the earth and stop your pets from escaping under the fence. 

colorbond fence styles

A Colorbond fence height extension is a simple, cost-effective way to add height to your fence. Aside from the added privacy, it’s a good way to express a bit of decorative flair. 

Fence toppers are available in a range colours and styles including lattice, screens, and block style toppers. You can also add extensions in other materials like pine or Ekodek slats (see pictures above). 

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