Maintaining your Colorbond Fence is pretty simple. 

All you need to do is give it a wash every now and again and check for any signs of visual damage. 

Can you paint Colorbond?

Although Colorbond fencing comes with a ten year warranty from the manufacturer, there are cases where you may want to repaint your fence. This could be down to the following reasons: 

  • Fading and discolouration over time 
  • A change of heart – you are tired of the colour of your fence 
  • Damage from oxidation and chalking – this is rare but it can happen in coastal areas if you don’t clean your fence 
  • Neighbours – you might want a different colour for your dividing fence than your neighbour. Unfortunately, Colorbond do not manufacture fencing that is a different colour on each side – so painting could be the right solution for you. 

Painting Colorbond Fencing 

Can you paint Colorbond? The short answer is yes. 

The manufacturer, BlueScope Steel, have a few ground rules that will come in handy if you have to paint your fence. 

  • Make sure the fence has been cleaned before it is painted 

(for more information about how to do this without damaging your fence surface, take a look at our guide to cleaning Colorbond fences). 

  • Let the fence completely dry after cleaning. 
  • If it is a new fence, there may be residue left over from the manufacturing process of the fence, make sure this is removed during the cleaning process.
  • A weathered or older fence will not have this manufacturing residue so there is no need to worry about that.  
  • You can overpaint the surface of your fence with high-quality, water-based exterior acrylic paint. Check the manufacturer’s guide on the paint tin to make sure it is suitable for this application. 


Can you paint Colorbond? You can, but it might hinder your ability to claim on your warranty if anything goes wrong with your fence. 

According to BlueScope Steel, overpainting your fence will void any warranties issued by them. If the overpainting is conducted after advice from BlueScope Steel, you can negotiate a new warranty with the company. 

Choosing Colorbond Fence Paint 

Choosing the right fence paint is integral to the look and lifetime of your fence. You need to choose paint that is compatible with the steel and won’t do any damage. 

As advised by BlueScope steel, the paint needs to be exterior, water-based, acrylic paint. If you are unsure what type of paint is suitable, you should contact the manufacturer for a recommendation, consult with your fencing contractor, or speak to a professional paint supplier. 

After you are sure that the type of paint is right, you can start considering which Colorbond fence paint colours appeal to you.

If you are painting one side of your fence (at the request of your neighbour) you might consider the most popular Colorbond fencing colours. This way, each side of your fence will have a traditional Colorbond look. 

Otherwise, the options are limitless. If you want to give your fence a complete makeover, all you need to do is find your favourite colour in the right type of paint and go for it. 

You should paint swatches on your fence and let them dry to get an idea of the final look before you complete the makeover of your entire fence. 

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Can you paint Colorbond? 

Yes, but we strongly recommend seeking professional advice and assistance. 

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