Is there anything more fun and relaxing than having a dip in a pool? It’s a Summer delight and something to truly savour and enjoy.

With the luxury of your own pool comes a special responsibility too.

Brisbane pool fence regulations are set by the government and Brisbane City Council. These regulations are in place to help you keep kids safe, so that you can relax and enjoy your pool.

According to the Queensland Family and Child commission report, eleven children drowned in Queensland last year and more than half of those were toddlers in swimming pools. 

Take a look at this guide and get in touch with our Jim’s Fencing Brisbane team if you have any questions about the safety of your pool fence.

Brisbane Pool Fence Regulations 

As a pool owner or a tenant in a house with a pool, you have a couple of really clear responsibilities. 

You must keep the gate shut at all times and you must never let a child inside the gated area without supervision. 

“The regulation of pool fencing is truly a life-saver, and emphasises that we need to be vigilant every day about maintaining the fence, keeping climbable items away and, most importantly, keeping the gate securely closed.” – Commissioner Cheryl Vardon

Aside from these clear usage rules, there are a number of other pool fence regulations QLD residents must abide by. 

Take a look. 

The Pool Safety Register 

All pools (and spas) in Queensland must be fenced and registered on the Queensland Building and Construction Commission pool safety register. This register has records of all the pools in Queensland, pool safety certificates, and licensed pool inspectors. 

If you don’t register your pool with QBCC, you could be fined up to $2,611. 

The Pool Safety Standard 

According to Brisbane City Council, your pool must comply with the current pool safety standard. This standard was introduced in 2010. 

It contains all the info you will need to determine the height of your fence, approved materials, and the objects surrounding the perimeter.

We know that scrolling through a standard can be pretty confusing. If you need some help understanding exactly what you’re allowed to do, contact our Brisbane team. 

Our installation experts have years of experience in erecting and inspecting pool fences. 

Approved Barriers 

To meet the requirements of the Brisbane pool fence regulations, you must have an approved barrier installed around your pool. 

This can be a fence, a wall, or any other structure mentioned in the pool safety standard. You can have a combination of materials (glass fence joined with modular walls) as long as there aren’t any gaps that compromise the safety of the barrier. 

Consult the standard to make sure claimable objects outside your barrier are removed. 

Inflatable Pool Fencing Laws QLD 

According to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, pool safety laws apply to inflatable (or portable pools) as well. 

Any pool that can be filled to a depth of 300mm needs to be compliant with the regulations.  That means you need to have a fence around temporary or permanent pools. 

Pool Fence Maintenance 

Now that you know a little more about Brisbane pool fence regulations, make sure your fence is safe. If you need an inspection or some maintenance, contact us now. 

“Again this year, not one child drowned in a private swimming pool where the pool gate was properly latched and the fencing compliant,” said Cheryl Vardon. 

Compliant fences save lives. 

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