Be Your Own Boss pic Franchising Expo logo   The middle of winter here in Victoria, wet, miserable and even at 2pm the fog hadn’t cleared at the Airport on Friday afternoon to fly to Brisbane for the Brisbane Franchise Expo. The weather in Brisbane was fine, and we set up for an apprehensive weekend, unsure if we would get any enquiries and unsure of the standard of the other franchises at the Expo, etc. We need not have been too concerned as throughout the weekend, we spoke to many people. We had people approaching us telling us that “Fencing was too hard” to which I replied, “Yes that is the view of most people, which is why we have so much work! If you can run your business properly, can organise your suppliers, and your digger, it is not that hard. Anyway, we all need to get outside and get some Vitamin D and keep active, so why not look at fencing?” To which I got some positive responses. In comparison to some of the other Franchises available, we seemed to fit the bill for quite a few people who are self-motivated, want to work outside, while still being able to work the hours that suit. We all know that nothing comes easy, and if the Fencing Game was easy, everyone would be doing it, and we would not have the demand for work that we have. After the weekend we had 25 names of people wanting a call back to have a more in depth chat about Jim’s Fencing and the opportunities available in Brisbane. We have contacted most of these people, and are working on making sure that Jim’s Fencing is a good fit for them and more importantly, that they are a good fit for Jim’s Fencing. We also have a number of people who took our cards and were going to have a look at the website, and get back to us.