COLORBOND® Steel: The New Australian Iconic Fence

While every style of fencing has its place, Colorbond® steel is overtaking timber in many places as the ‘typical’ Australian fence. Requests for Colorbond® steel fencing are neck and neck with those for paling fences through our call centre, and Jim’s Fencing estimate that half of all the some 576kms of fencing material we use each year is Colorbond® steel. Here’s some of the reasons why, courtesy of one of our key Colorbond® steel manufacturers and suppliers, Metroll Australia.
  1. Colorbond® steel is very low maintenance - no need to paint, oiling or replace panels
  2. Easy to clean – Colorbond® steel recommend a simple hose down every 6 months
  3. Non-combustible and resists the progress of fire*
  4. It resists the harsh Australian elements better than some materials
  5. It can’t be infested with termites or succumb to rot
  6. Peace of mind - branded Colorbond® steel fencing is backed with a 10 year warranty from BlueScope**
  7. Two happy neighbours - it looks great on BOTH sides of the fence!
  8. Variety – a wide range of profiles and designer panels to be more than just a physical barrier, to be an extension of your home’s character
  9. Colours – new range matching the roofing range and designed to complement the Australian outdoor colour palette
  10. Environmentally friendly, it is comprised of 20% recycled materials and has a 30 year lifecycle
  11. All styles available in the next generation ZINCALUME® steel, which boasts a more protective coating and longer lifespan while using fewer metal resources^
  12. Complies with Australian Standards for Metal Design (AS1562.1-1992) and Wind Resistance (AS4040.2-1992)
  13. Owned, made and manufactured in Australia, by Australians, for our conditions
*Source ‘Research & Investigation into the Performance of Residential Boundary Fencing in Bushfires’ by the Co-operative Centre for Bushfire and the CSIRO, available for download at ^For more information on ZINCALUME see **Conditions such as distance from marine or industrial locations and correct installation and maintenance apply – refer to for tailored warranty information. Metroll logo