Automatic Gate Safety

A dark blue automatic safety gate installed in a garage

Auto gates are becoming very popular all around Australia. Whether you want some extra security for an inner city property, or added convenience on your rural driveway, we will have an auto-gate solution for you. 

Automatic gates have the following key benefits: 

  • Increased security 
  • Convenience
  • Added value to your property 
  • Providing a secure yard for pets and children 

While these benefits are great, you should be aware of the hazards associated with automatic gates. Take a look at our automatic gate safety tips. 

This will help you enjoy your gate whilst looking after your family and property. 

Automatic Gate Safety Tips 

The following operation tips will help you minimise any accident involving your auto gate. 

  • One vehicle at a time should move through the gate. Don’t tailgate another vehicle into the gated area. 
  • Do not stop in the path of the gate. 
  • Keep children and pets away from the gate. Don’t let children play on it. 
  • Don’t activate your gate unless you can see it. If you operate it whilst it is out of your sightline, you won’t be able to see if any people or vehicles are in the way. 
  • Only ask professionals to maintain or modify your gate.

Currently, there aren’t any legislations for gate safety in Australia. 

Common hazards include: 

  • Crushing 
  • Shearing 
  • Cutting 
  • Pulling 
  • Entanglement (trapping) 

You can avoid some of these hazards by investing in extra features for your gate. 

Electric Gate Safety Sensors 

Photoelectric beams use transmitters and receivers to constantly send information about the status of your gate area. When the light is obstructed and the signal is broken, the gate will stop. When the obstruction has been cleared, the gate will start to move again. 

Induction Loops 

Induction loops are another great automatic gate safety feature. A cable is embedded into the ground near your gate and connected to a detector. The detector senses a change in the magnetic field when a vehicle moves over the cable and activates the gate. This kind of sensor can only detect metal, not people. You should use induction technology in addition to photoelectric beams. 

Safety Edges 

Safety contact edges help to protect against cutting and shearing caused by electric gates. They are made out of soft, rubbery material and are made to provide extra safety for pedestrians and cause less damage to vehicles. Once activated, the safety edges will stop the gate during an obstruction and release when it is cleared. 

While automation technology has a range of clear benefits, it is important to invest in the most reputable hardware and safety features to make sure accidents don’t occur. You also need to work with a professional installation team with years of experience in automation technology. 

Contact Jim’s Fencing Today 

To manage your automatic gate safety needs, contact our professional team. We have contractors based all around Australia with professional experience in the installation and maintenance of auto-gate systems. 

For a free consultation about your design options, safety features, and any other questions you may have, call us now. High quality, safety compliant fences and gates are our specialty. 

Call now on 131 546 or fill in the online form for a free quote. 


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