At Jim’s Fencing, many of our Western Australian franchisees are licensed to complete state-wide asbestos fence removal services. All of our contractors acquire a full license, have their white cards and are completely insured to undertake commercial and residential asbestos removal projects. Make sure your property is as safe as possible with our experienced team. For more information please call us on 131 546 to discuss your needs.


Taking down a structure that contains asbestos is not a DIY job. In fact, the most dangerous time to be near an asbestos containing material is during dismantle. This is when harmful fibres are released into the air to be ingested via the airways. To prevent asbestos exposure, you need to hire a fully accredited individual for removal. Only franchisees that are fully licensed and accredited to complete asbestos removal services will be assigned to your property. Franchisees only receive their accreditation after successfully completing the required training and documentation.  You can double check the license of you contractor by visiting the Worksafe website and using the registration search. 


Asbestos was used in the 1980’s up until 2003 (when it was completely banned) as a way to strengthen structures. According to the government of Western Australia, the three main types of commercial asbestos used in WA are: 
  • chrysotile (white asbestos)
  • amosite (brown asbestos)
  • crocidolite (blue asbestos)
Asbestos cement products were the most commonly used in residential properties. If fence is made of cement sheeting and was installed before 1990, it is very likely to contain asbestos. At Jim’s Fencing, we can safely remove asbestos cement fencing from your residential or commercial property before it causes harm.  If you fail to comply with the regulations for the removal of asbestos on your property, you could face a fine of up to $10,000 (for individuals). For more information about your personal obligations when dealing with asbestos, you can contact your local government asbestos regulators and make sure you take the right steps for removal. Alternatively, you can give our team a call on 131 546 to discuss your asbestos removal requirements. 


Contact our Asbestos removal Perth team now for the safe and efficient removal of hazardous materials on your property. Our experienced team members carry out every removal project in accordance with Western Australian Government safety standards.  If you choose Jim’s Fencing for your fence removal work, we will take the following steps to ensure your property is asbestos free:
  • First, we put safety barricades around the site and signage to indicate that an asbestos fence removal project is in progress. 
  • Our contractors dress in protective equipment (including clothing and respirators) to ensure they aren’t exposed to airborne asbestos particles. 
  • We prepare the fencing with a sealing spray to capture any particles in the structure before they are disturbed. 
  • Any additional structural fittings (for example, bolts) are removed and disposed of. 
  • After completely digging out the entire fence, it will be wrapped in plastic to prevent the spreading of dangerous particles. 
  • All contaminated materials are then disposed of according to the standards dictated by the state asbestos regulators. 


If you fail to contain asbestos on your property, a disturbance may occur that releases dangerous particles into the air. Long term exposure to asbestos is the most dangerous and there is a very small chance that even one exposure to these particles could affect your health. If asbestos fibres enter your airways, you could suffer these symptoms. To ensure you and your family are safe from the effects of asbestos, contact Jim’s Fencing today for more information about asbestos fence removal. We are committed to maintaining safety in properties all around Western Australia. To speak to a contractor in your area, call 131 546 now.