Building a new home? Doing some maintenance on your place? We have a range of affordable fencing ideas for your space. At Jim’s Fencing, we specialise in affordable fencing options with high quality, long lasting results. Get the fence of your dreams within your budget today. Check out the following range of fence styles and get in touch with us if you have any questions. Let us help you find the perfect material and surround your property with a sturdy solution.

Paling Fencing

Paling timber fencing is the perfect option for homes with a large boundary. Both the materials and labour are cost effective and achieve aesthetically pleasing results. This versatile style means that you can choose the height of your fence and paint it whatever colour you like. You might even choose to coat it with a nice varnish.

Picket Fencing

Add value to your property today with a beautiful picket fence around the perimeter of your home. Contrary to popular belief, picket fencing can be affordable (when you work with the right team). At Jim’s Fencing, we have affordable home fencing options to suit every client. Our wooden fences are treated to keep away insects and rot. If you require maintenance on an existing picket fence, get in touch with us today.

COLORBOND® Steel Fencing

Looking for more affordable fencing ideas in Australia? Have you considered COLORBOND® steel? This iconic Australian brand of fence is popular for a reason – they are known for their durable, attractive, versatile fencing solutions. Pick the colour of your choice and have a sturdy fence around the perimeter of your place in no time. COLORBOND® steel fences come with a ten year warranty. This low maintenance fence will save you money in the long run – you won’t have to replace parts or apply treatment and paint. Simply set up your attractive Colorbond fence and reap the rewards for years to come.

Heritage Woven Wire Fencing

Woven fencing is a perfect option for heritage (or older) homes. Some cheap fencing options lack a bit of charm but the woven wire fence has it in buckets. Through the combination of sturdy wood and delicate, wire fencing, you can add charm to the front of your property. Preserve the aesthetic of your property today and contact Jim’s for more information.

Choose Jim’s Fencing Today

Now that you’ve heard all of our affordable fencing ideas, get in touch with us for a hassle-free quote! Our team of friendly fencing experts will be able to evaluate your needs and help you choose the right fence for your property. We can help you choose a fencing material based on budget, style, environmental factors and your specific needs. If you have any questions about our services, please get in touch with us today on 131 546.