AboutJim’s Fencing was set up over 17 years ago as an extension of the Jim’s Group, the largest and best-known home services business in Australia that now has branches in Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. We are the largest fencing installation company in Australia, have a very high profile and a trusted name. Jim’s Fencing has appeared regularly on national television, including programs such as ‘Auction Squad’, ‘DIY Rescue’, ‘Ground Force’, ‘Burkes Backyard’, ‘Renovation Rescue’, ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ and ‘Domestic Blitz’. You too can become a Jim’s Fencing franchisee, and enjoy the lifestyle of owning your own business, which is all about freedom and independence. Coupled with your pride in quality workmanship and service, you can achieve direct rewards for the effort you expend in your own business. A Jim’s Fencing franchise is a fantastic opportunity to run a business, with the support of an organisation that offers a rewarding lifestyle and excellent financial gain. We have over 140 franchisees in Jim’s Fencing and over 3,000 franchisees in the entire group. If you are interested in joining us, we’d love to welcome you aboard. We have limited franchises available so please call or Submit an Inquiry to register interest for your area.
“It’s great knowing I’ve built something that my clients’ wanted. Exceeding expectations is the key to quality customer service. By doing this, clients will be more than happy to continue to utilize my services and happy to recommend me.” Dane Bobart, Jim’s Fencing (Junortoun)