JF-Slat Slat screen fencing can provide a calming and tranquil feel to your home. It is a contemporary architectural solution that is highly attractive, long-lasting and low maintenance.Slat screen fencing is made up of a strip of slats, in either timber or aluminium, and offers privacy without the feeling of being barricaded or caged in. Slat screen fencing can be used for boundaries, and also for establishing quiet and intimate spaces around your home.To find out more call Jim’s Fencing on

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Screen fencing is used extensively to generally cover something. Screen fencing could be used in many areas, for example to cover swimming pools, hide shower areas, to cover unsightly looking garden sheds etc. The applications for screen fencing are diverse and the materials used can vary.

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You could use timber slats for screen fencing and likewise many other materials like bamboo. Screen fencing may not be strong as those materials used for perimeters and boundaries.

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Jim’s fencing would advice you on the best choices you have in screen fencing. With years of experience behind us we are able to initiate the best solutions in screen fencing.

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Screen fencing is elegant if you install it professionally, so it is important to find the most suitable installer. Jim’s fencing has well trained and courteous staff and our franchisees are able to service anyone anywhere, and undertake screen fencing on our behalf. Professional screen fencing service With years of experience we ensure that all the screen fencing installations that we undertake are completed within the stipulated time frame. Our workmanship is par excellence, and we provide the best warranty in the market for work that we undertake.


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