Glass-Pool-Fencing It is an absolute must to protect young children from household pools, but many people do not want to install unsightly metal pool fencing. For a more design-conscious option, Jim’s Fencing can introduce you to the sophistication of glass pool fencing.Glass pool fencing is made of seamless, elegant and timeless glass panelling. It will provide you with the level of safety you require to meet Australian safety standards and is also made of toughened, shatterproof glass. Talk to Jim’s Fencing about a pool safety inspection, and enjoy the benefits of having an attractive pool at home this summer.To find out more call Jim’s Fencing on

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Glass pool fencing by Jim’s Glass pool fencing

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Having a swimming pool in your garden is not only a necessity but also carries the tag of a status symbol. The necessity comes when you arrive home exhausted after a hard day at office and the inviting pool offers you relaxation that would be indescribable under the circumstances.

Accidental drowning

The status symbol that a swimming pool in your garden provides you is that there would be just a few in your neighbourhood. Though a swimming pool within your premises offers two very good reasons to have one, there is danger lurking and many deaths have occurred due to accidental drowning.Due to many such unfortunate accidents, now legislation has been promulgated to make it mandatory for all swimming pools to be adequately protected. Hence it is imperative that you take the necessary precautions to ensure that your swimming pool is well secured. Before you construct a swimming pool you need to get all the approvals as required.

Be patient

If you indulge in this exercise of trying to obtain these approvals it is not only time consuming, but would be a very tiresome chore running from pillar to post. We have a solution to your worries, just hand over the installation of your glass pool fencing to the professionals.Jim’s fencing the fencing division of the large Jim’s Group, can offer you some interesting solutions in fencing your swimming pool. The most popular among them is glass pool fencing which offers many advantages.

Fence around it

Installing glass pool fencing would provide total visibility of the swimming pool from any angle whilst also providing safety to children running around the garden. Glass pool fencing would provide unhindered and unobstructed view of the swimming pool from most locations in the home.

Aesthetic ambience

Glass pool fencing is available in many custom designed frosted panels that would add an aesthetic ambience to your swimming pool in particular and the home in general. Made of shatter proof and scientifically tested and toughened material glass pool fencing, we install are of very high international standards.


Glass pool fencing is used extensively in homes today, making it the number one choice in securing the swimming pool from unfortunate accidents. Jim’s fencing installs only genuine and internationally and Australian Safety Standards approved glass pool fencing.

Professional service

We have installed glass pool fencing in many homes and all of them are raving about the ambience that it is providing their garden area. Glass pool fencing meets all the required aspects of the Australian Safety Standards.If you need to secure your swimming pool call the experts and we will provide you with exemplary service unmatched and install top of the range glass pool fencing.