Colorbond fencing Colorbond has become an Australian icon in building and design. You can view the benefits of Colorbond fencing as it is popularly used in housing estates all around the country.Colorbond fencing offers exceptional levels of privacy, even if your neighbours are living in close proximity to you. Using this style of fencing will allow you to create your own suburban sanctuary, and you will be impressed by the wide range of colours available, that can complement the existing exterior of your house. Colorbond fencing comes with a guarantee of ten years.To find out more call Jim’s Fencing on

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Colorbond fencing can protect from rain

Colorbond fencing will protect your property from undesirable intruders. Colorbond fencing can be installed to any height and provide total privacy.

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Try our various colours of colorbond fencing.

Colorbond fencing is just one product from a wide range that this Australian company manufactures.

It is a household name in the world

Today Colorbond is a household name not only in Australia but in the rest of the world too.

Quality Colorbond fencing

Australian success story

Colorbond fencing is an Australian success story, researched and manufactured here since 1966.

Use for many applications

Due to it’s versatility Colorbond is used in many applications, such as roofs, fencing, partitions etc.

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Match to your requirements

Colorbond fencing is available in fourteen attractive colours, and can match any home décor.

Warranty that last for a long time

. Colorbond fencing comes with a ten year warranty.

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Strong and light solution

Colorbond fencing is light but strong and installation is easy and for fences it looks great.

Rust proof durable.

Colorbond fencing is rustproof and can be easily maintained by washing of dust and grime.

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Jim’s fencing the fencing division of the large Jim’s Group has provided many Colorbond fencing solutions to discerning customers over the years.

Guaranteed workmanship

Our workmanship has been excellent and we have a good customer base.

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