Paling2Owning a Jim’s Fencing Franchise is all about supporting a positive lifestyle for you and your family. A franchise will provide you with freedom to work your own hours, take holidays when you desire them, and stay living in your local area. You will feel immense pride as you contribute a valued service within your community, and as you grow and expand your business to a level that suits you.Many franchisees choose Jim’s Fencing over other franchise opportunities because of the professional support they receive while they run their business. You will never feel alone in the Jim’s Group, and you will have access to expert advice, comprehensive training, and work systems that are well-established and proven for success.We have limited franchises available so please call

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Fencing contractors

Securing the boundaries or perimeters of our properties is a universal practice. We do it by installing fences, of various types depending on our requirements but could also be constrained by the costs we would incur in constructing it.

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Fencing your property if you are living in an urban or suburban Australian city would require the approval of the relevant authorities. Obtaining this approval is easier said than done, because with no experience in the modalities of the approving systems you may run from pillar to post and spend a good part of your valuable time, before you could be successful at the end.

Calling professional

You could avoid this hassle by calling experienced and professional fencing contractors who would know the intricacies of the systems to obtain the required approvals. There are many fencing contractors in all major cities of Australia who aggressively advertise their suitability to execute any fencing construction.

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Finding the best would be your prerogative because fencing is not cheap and installing anything substandard could cost you dearly. The name you could trust for a “job well done” would be Jim’s fencing an important subsidiary of Australia’s popular and versatile Home Services provider with over 3,400 franchises around the nation and now extending operations to New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Wide spectrum of customers

The Jim’s Group has proved our mettle in every conceivable home service and has a very wide spectrum of loyal customers, whom we have serviced over three decades. Jim’s fencing has constructed some very great fences for our discerning clients over nearly two decades. We are the leaders among all other fencing contractors and offer sterling workmanship and unprecedented warranties for all our fencing constructions.

Jim's fencing contractors

As the leader among fencing contractors we offer a wide portfolio of fencing solutions to our customers and have a fence to suit your budget as well as your taste. We are professional fencing contractors with years of experience, and our personnel are trained regularly in the latest techniques in installing any type of fencing.

The range of services we offer

The range of fencing we offer as the leader among fencing contractors is wide and impressive, some of them are but not limited to, chain wire fencing, Colorbond fencing, Heritage woven wire fencing, Hardi fence, Hebel modular fencing, Pool fencing, slat screen fencing, Glass pool fencing, PVC fencing, Post and wire fencing, tubular fencing and picket fencing among many others.

Leading fencing contractors

Upholding the trust we have earned as the leader among fencing contractors across Australia we use high quality materials sourced from reputed manufacturers coupled with advanced and appropriate implements to construct fencing of the highest standards. A fence constructed by Jim’s fencing is a fence that would last the test of time.

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Jim’s Group offers limited franchises to dedicated and committed entrepreneurs who would like to jump aboard our band wagon of success, and be counted as an important cog in our multifaceted business conglomerate.

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Representing Jim’s Group in your local area as a Jim’s Group fencing franchisee would make you count in your community, as you would be a part of a very trusted, dedicated, transparent and honest family.

Jim's fencing contractors

Beginning operations way back in 1982 Jim’s Group has grown in leaps and bounds, to what it is today. From a simple lawn mowing one man operation it has grown to become the largest lawn mowing franchise in the world today, this is the success story we want you to join.

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As a Jim’s Group franchisee and one of our professional fencing contractors you would have all systems on the go to achieve your business and future objectives.

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